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Pokemon Sapphire Game Cheats
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Pokemon Sapphire Game Cheats

100 Thunder Accuracy:
If it rains in battle and if you use the move Thunder it can always hit.

100% Solar beam accuracy:
If it’s sunny weather in battle use the move solar beam and it’s accuracy will be at 100%

Found on Route 120 only.

Altaria (other than evolution):
Found at the Sky Pillar.

Battle Tower Prizes:

Complete tasks in the Battle Tower to earn the following prizes:

1-5 Victories:


6 or more Victories:

Bright Powder
Choice Band
Focus Band
King's Rock
Mental Herb
Quick Claw
Scope Lens
White Herb

50 Victories in a row:

Award Ribbon
Silver Shield

100 Victories in a row:
Gold Shield

After you defeat Steven (the champion), go to his house in Mossdeep City. Read the book (Letter) on the table. It says to take the Pokeball. It contains a Beldum, at level 5. It is a Steel/Psychic type that knows Take Down.

Best moves for Kyogre:
The best moves for Kyogre are : ice beam, hydro pump, sheer cold and thunder.

Blaziken: Recommended moves:
The best moves for Blaziken are: Blaze Kick, Brick Break, Bulk Up, and Sky Uppercut.

Blue and Green Carvanha:
Go to route 119 and find the house. Go left and fish with the super rod and you should eventually find and blue and green carvanha.

Blue Electrike:
As soon as you walk out of slateport city on the north side, go to the grass on the left and start searching.

After you save the weather institute, talk to the man blocking the doorway. He will give you the Castform. It changes form, depending on the weather. It knows Hail, Powder Snow, Rain Dance, and Sunny Day. It is a Normal type and is at level 25.

Castform: Recommended moves:
The best moves for Castform are Blizzard, Fireblast, Thunder, and Solar Beam.

Catch a pokemon always!:
When you through a pokeball at a pokemon hold down l,r,a and b. Then wait until the first shake of the ball then release. You're almost certain to catch a pokemon!

Changing glitch block (Japanese version):
Go to the fifth city and Surf on the route that has a sign on the water. Next to it is a glitched block. Swim back and forth and it will change.

Cheat The Safari Zone:
Bring a Poke'mon that knows sweet scent(A move that attracts pokemon) In the Safari Zone. Go in the grass and use sweet scent and a pokemon will appear with out eating up your 500 safari zone steps!

To find Chimecho, go to Mt Pyre (route 122) on the top floor (outside) Go to the far right where is a patch of grass. Search in there. After AGES (*yawn....zzzzz*) you should find a chimecho. Strangely enough, I would find them more often when my enemy team was there. But that's probably just a coincidence.

Found at Mt. Pyre (outside area, on the very top).

Other than by trading for Bellosom (in pacifidlog), it can be found near/in Ever Grande City.

To get Crobat,get a zubat at lower level and train it,and put it at the first slot of your party then always give him blocks and if his/her life is red go to the pokemon center immediately and heal it.Remember:you shouldn't put zubat at the pc.my Crobat is just level 23.

Deoxys and Jirachi:
You cannot get Jirachi and Deoxys during the game. They are given away through a Nintendo event, much like Mew and Celebi were in previous Pokemon games.

Other than by evolution, it can be found in the Safari Zone.

Dragon Moves Effects:
Some dragon moves have effects witch are not described:

Twister: may cause flinching:
Dragonbreath: may cause paralysis.

When you find the glass-maker's house outside of Lavaridge, use lots of Max Repels to keep Pokemon away from you while you gather the ashes for the glass items.

Find Latias:
Once you become the Pokemon League Champion, pay extra attention to the TV. It will broadcast information about a super-rare Pokemon. After that, be on the lookout for the Latias, which is exclusive to the Sapphire version of the game.

Get a masterball to catch Kyogre:
When you face Team Aqua in Lilycove city. Don't talk to the woman at the submarine, yet. done in the bottom right hand screen should be a teleporter. Go on it and it'll take you to a place full of them try out each one until you get to a room with four poke-balls. get the back 2 and you will get a NUGGET and a master-ball.

Getting a female starter:
Right before you are allowed to choose your starting Pokemon, use the Save option. Now, walk up to the bag and get your desired Pokemon. Restart the game if you want a female starter.

Glass flutes & glass secret base items:
This are the workings of the flutes that you can get in the glass workshop.

250 steps: blue flute: awakens pokémon
500 steps: yellow flute: snaps pokémon out of confusion
500 steps: red flute: snaps pokémon out of attraction (love)
1000 steps: white flute: lures wild pokémon (i think that you have more chances of getting items from zigzagoon/linoone if you use this flute)
1000 steps: black flute: wards off wild pokémon
6000 steps: pretty chair
8000 steps: pretty desk

Other than by evolution, it can be found in the Safari Zone.

Found in the Fiery Path.

Found in the Safari Zone.

Hint: Pokemon you should have:
The pokemon you must catch are: swapert, hariyama, jirochy (throgh game shark or codebrecker or a breed), laitios and laitias, all three rigis, rayquass.

HM list
HM 01 (Cut): Cuts down small bushes. Found inside the house to the left of the Pokemon Center in Kanazumi City.
HM 02 (Fly): Can fly to cities: Found in the town with the sixth Gym.
HM 03 (Surf): Can Swim. Found in the house left of the fourth Gym.
HM 04 (Strength): Allows you to push some rocks. Found in the town with fourth Gym.
HM 05 (Flash) Lights up dark areas. Found in the cave on the island with the second Badge.
HM 06 (Rock Smash): Smashes some rocks: Found in the house to the left of the third Gym.
HM 07 (Waterfall) Allows you to climb waterfalls. Found in the cave with the Legendary Pokemon in Rune.
HM 08 (Dive): Allows you to submerge under the ocean. Found in Tokusane City after beating the seventh Gym.

Hondew Berry's:
Make sure you can use the move from HM 07 waterfall go to Fortree city and walk left and then south past the trees until you reach a river surf from there to the north past the waterfall and walk left there will be 2 trees that contain 2 Hondew berry’s.

How to get Jirachi:
Beat the pokemon league and look at your trainer card and there will be a star beside your name get 5 and you will get Jirachi

I have figured out 3 so far:

Beat the pokemon League
Get all the decorations
Beat master rank in all competitions

Illumise and Volbeat:
Found on Route 117 only.

In-game reset:
Hold Select + Start + A + B during game play.

Kadabra Moves Cheat:
This cheat lets you teach a secret rare move to Kadabra.

You will need:

2 Heartscales
Kadabra in party

You go to the move teacher's house when your Kadabra is at Lv.30 or more. Then, select Kadabra to teach a move to and it can learn Kindness, Recover, and other moves it did not learn when it was leveling up!

Found in the Fiery Path. It may be a shiny version.

Kyogre Recommended Moves:
The best moves for kyogre are : Surf, Water Spout, Ice Beam and Thunder.


Magikarp can only be caught with an Old Rod.

Other than by evolution, it can be found in New Mauville.

Man that gives berries:
If you go to mossdeep go a little bit past the move delters house and there will be a man in brown talk to him every so often he will give you a berrie.

Mew is the only Pokemon that can learn all TMs and HMs. He can only be caught through a GameShark or CodeBreaker code.

Minun and Plusle:
Found on Route 110.

Can be found in the Granite cave, in a rugged rock.

Orange Altaria:
Go to the fifth floor of the Sky Pillar and save the game. Go to the ione rock and circle around it until you find an orange Altaria.

Party pokemon:
These pokemon are must-haves:

Gorudon (trade only!)

Other than by evolution, it can be found in Slateport, Pacifidlog, Evergrande, Mossdeep, Lilycove, Dewford, Routes 103,105 through 109, 110, 115, 118, 119, 121 through 123, and 124 through 134.

Pikachu and Pinsir:
Found in the Safari Zone.

Pokémon Evolutions:

These Pokémon evelve only by trading:

No40 Kadabra > No41 Alakazam
No58 Graveler > No59 Golem
No74 Machoke > No75 Machamp
No76 Clamperl > No77 Huntail/No78 Gorebyss
These Pokémon evolve with stones:
No20 Lombre > No21 Ludicolo (by water stone)(only in Sapphire)
No23 Nuzleaf > No24 Shiftry (by leaf stone)(only in Ruby)
No61 Skitty > No62 Delcatty (by moon stone)
No89 Gloom > No90 Vileplume (by leaf stone)
No89 Gloom > No91 Bellosom (by sun stone)
No153 Vulpix > No154 Ninetales (by fire stone)
No156 Pikachu > No157 Raichu (by thunder stone)
No138 Jigglypuff > 139 Wigglytuff (by moon stone)
Most Pokémon evolve between Lv 34 and Lv 50

Rare Berries:
Go to the Berry master's house near Lilycove. And tell the berry master's wife one of these codes:

Code - Needed:

cool latios - Latios
overwhelming latias - Latias
challenge contest - contest pass
great battle - nothing

Shiny Swablu:
A shiny Swablu can be found just outside of Meteor Falls, where Zangoose is caught. You will find a lot of Swablus. Keep searching and you can find a yellow/gold one.

Shiny Volbeat:
The way I found Shiny Volbeat is on Route 117 which is on the south side of the route closest to SR. and JR. Anna and Meg and closest to the water.

Shiny/weird colord pokémon:
You can find a shiny wailmer on route 132, where you also can find a horsea. You can find a weird colord golbat in the sky pillar, first floor.

Found on Route 113.

Other than trading for Pikachu, it can be found on Route 116.

Found in Petalburg Woods.

Soothe bell:
Go to the pokemon fan club(in Rustboro or slateport). If your first pokemon really likes you talk to the person by the back wall. She will give you the Soothe Bell.

Found on Routes 102, 111, 114, 117, and 120.

Tentacool can only be caught with an Old Rod.

Treecko is a Grass type Pokemon. You can get it as a starter. Treecko evolves at level 16 and turns in to Grovyle, a Grass type. After that, it evolves again at level 36 to Sceptile, a Grass type.

Found on Route 119.

Volbeat and Illumise:
Found on Route 117.

Go to the house near the water in Mossdeep. There should be a man standing next to it. Get the Super Rod from the man inside the house. Go down the steps of Mossdeep to the shallow water, where you can walk. Stand at the edge and use the rod. Wailmer will almost automatically start biting.

Other than by evolution, it can be found on Route 129.

Other than by evolution, it can be found on Safari Zone.

Remove saved game data:
Hold Select + Up + B. Next, answer Yes to the prompt to "Clear all game data areas?".

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