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Dragon Fable Game Cheats
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Dragon Fable Game Cheats

Efficent gold mining

Start a new character file. Next get to falconreach and level up ur potions to level 6 and go to Amityville. Set as hometown. Then go to Necropolis and get Artix as friend B then down, dont click to Falconreach so you end up near Robina's zone. Go right and get Valencia. Click options and return to hometown. Talk to Thursday and select the Yaga stone circle. Skip all the Yagas and go directly to Guffer. Click fast. Kill him by usin defend since he can ko u pretty quickly and attack him. Use potions when neccessary. Use artix's special ability at the end if he has a 80 or more life. At lvl 5, go to yulgar's shop and raise ur blacksmiths skills to 9 and buy a lvl 5 weapon n use it. When ur lvl 7, buy the stronger weapon n use it. These weapons r cheap n sorta powerful. Train ur str n end. Go to the Inn in amityvile 4 potions n rest n heal at the pumpkin durin the quest. Do this about 135 times orless cause you wil get a weapon worth 200 or 225 gold each time n 3 or 5 g from guffer. Sell the weapons unless u wanna keep one. You get 98 or less experience 4 each defeat. By the time ur lvl, u should hav enough 2 buy a doom weapon. Raise ur lvl a little n then at lvl 9 wit a doom weapon, u can complete almost any quest especially if ur a mage which can change elements.

Best Friends

Some hints say to get friends like ash and Artix, or Robinia and Valncia. WELL DONT LISTEN TO THEM!!! Always make your friends Artix and Valncia are the best. They both have a special and i have proof of their strengh. Proof for Artix: Artix has hit a 94 for me, and a 162 for my friend!!! Proof for Valincia: she hits 8 to 20 for me with an occasional 32


DA warriors only,ok to kill guys quick go to dragon coin shop buy a sword lvl 14 or higher sword fight someone stun them on first turn the enemy need about 90 health oif over that then use power (one with lightningbolt picture) and then attack normally on next turn you usually should win.

Doom weapons 17

first you go to Amityvale this wil probally go faster if your level 17 and up but if you want to then whatever. OK when your at Amityvale do the quest crystal clear lake do it a couple of times untill you have a axe called shining duo you got to be lve 17 to use ok if you have a fire weapon use it against the monsters they are weakened by fire ok then when you get to the boss use the axe called shining duo and you can hit about 326 damage trust me I have then when you get the prize keep on selling it the shop buys the weapons for 128-230 and do the same thing for two days and before you know it you'll have 28,000 coins trust me i've done it and now I have the twin blades of doom (the doom weapon dagger) and now I have 23,876 coins and the doom weapon dagger well good luck and rate

High-level players - lots of EXP

Do the Haunted Castle quest in Amityvale. Do all of the rooms. By the time the quest is finished, you should have about 8100 EXP acquired from that single quest.

Get Doom Essence

fist go to amityvale wth artix and valencia then go to artix and do the haunted house quest, then go through the whole quest(there is a healing pad in the 2nd room) when you finish the quest, u will get a doom essence


I found a massacre cheat. Be at least level 12, best level 18 and follow the instructions. Make sure you read the WHOLE ENTIRE PASSAGE before you do it or look at another cheat. Some may know this quest from before when they were like level 4 or 5, but it has improved now that you are level 18+. Or 14+. 12-14 may be a little harder. Now, get valencia and artix. If you have unlocked all of warlic's quests, get warlic by doing the quest where you battle xan and instead of doing the quest, when he joins you, click Teleport to home town. But this is advanced. Don't worry if you don't know what the crap I'm talking about.

Go to Oaklore. Go to Sir Casm. Explore Ruins.

Do the quest. It gives 12 gold per foe! (for me I am level 23). And 220 exp. The battles do not last more than 7 seconds. I put it on my timer. But, I have shadowreaper of doom, so don't worry if you do it in 10-20 seconds. If it's more than half a minute and the battle's not over yet, do another quest. Make sure you can KO all their hp, cause they can do heavy damage if you aren't aware (for me its about as much damage as I do to them! I wish I had their weapon! Except for tuskmongers. Don't worry if you miss on a tuskmonger. TRY THIS CHEAT its super fast and in 1 minute I got 1500-2000 exp and 60-70 gold. It will be about twice as less for about level 14 or 13. BBut, TRY IT! TRY IT! TRY IT! If you think its a bad cheat and tried it, it's probably because your level is too low and do another quest before you carry out this massacre cheat.

Twilly shop

Ok when u speak to twilly in falconreach, there is the minigame shop button and when u click on it u hav to enetr a password. i think its kthxHat! but if its wrong then go to www.ebilgames.com and u can play a minigame and unlock the password. i think u need to get perfects on every level then on the last on the shop will say WE'RE CLOSED and then go to the select levels button to do the last level and get the password.

Fastest way to get Money

just go to robina get the bounty hunting list and do the quest... i find that everything else is way too long to do and this one you get some nice items

Flying character

I dont know how i did this, but i got my character to fly for a few seconds. when you try to fly on the gryphon at the top of the hill, click rite next to the botton that you want to go to, then click the botton before it disappears(your character wil try to run there) and your character will fly until the screen reloads(it will also have a shadow underneath it)

Easy Experience

Ok this is only for Dragon AMulet holders (srry adventurers) ok first get the dragon egg then once you have him do to training course and you can get lots of experience.

Killing doomkitten (Dragon Egg saga)

I was level 10 when I had finished the saga. Go to Osprey Cove. Then head right. Eventually you'll find a paw print( that means a pet shop) go in. For level 10s get the charko. It's the shark thing with the red turtle shell. Dragon Amulet people buy the great white charko. (Even Better) The doomkitten has a water weakness. Thats why you get the charko. I used the charko and highest it killed on the doomkitten was 36.(Wow, right). what ever you do, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT USE ANY DARKNESS THINGS TO TRY TO KILL DOOMKITTEN! You'll just heal him and get -whatever you killed him in. Water is the best element to use. Light barley works and fire sucks.

Free Scrap Metel.

First go to Dr. Volterbolt, click on quests. Then go to the sign saying "DON'T EVER PUSH". If it says "EXTREME SODA", click yes and then go inside the house and you get free scrap metel.


These are 2 glicthes I found.1 Slanted Hero:This is some weird glicth I found. What ya do is go to the gryphon in Falconreach, then you pick whatever place you want, then quikly go to options and teloport, then you'll be in your hometown and your person will be slanted.2:Enlarged Fable:This is easy all you do is go to the tree in Falconreach and don't move, you'll have it close up, now go to options and teleport and the screen will be enlarged.

illusion sheild

ok at aeris pvp fight a rouge.get him to poison you. sheild at low health.then you die. You will have the shelid the whole time but it is just an illusion so it does not help you.also when you get shrunk by prince or king lion you will still lose attack and stuff but you will stay the same size.

Crystal clear lake route

This is a route which i recommend as i've done the crystal clear lake quest 8 times now 1st route you go south then west then south then west to heal at the healing pad then go east from the healing pad twice(or only 1s if u didnt go to the healing pad) then east again then south and then u will come apon a werewolf once you have defeated the werewolf u can continue west to complete the quest.

Quick Gold and Experience

First you have to pass most of the ninja quest and once you've gotten to Honda's Accord play the mission and defeat Honda(you have to fight him with your dragon. His HP is around 20000). Once you've defeated him he will reward you with 3001 exp and will give you 400 gold. *Note* He may take a few tries to defeat

Run Backwards

It doesn't really help, but it's still a cheat/glitch. Go to Oaklore Keep. Then go to the weapon shop. Walk up to the knight, and a speech bubble will pop up with options about the type of weapons you want to buy below it. There is a space between the speech bubble and the options. you can see a part of the axe rack. click on the part of the axe rack that you can see, and the buble, and options should dissapear. than click anywhere in the shop, and you should run backwhere to the place you clicked.

How to invite Aria in your party

In Falconreach go to the pet shop then talk to her grandma then save Aria from the cave then you have to battle some monsters that are blocking you until you found Aria. Defeat the spider until she said that spider was her pet. Click on continue to get her. (you can lose her from goin to travel with the hipogriph)

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