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Fallout 2
Category : PC
Rating : 5.0
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Easter Egg

Hold the SHIFT key and click on credits for quotes from the development team. Note: There's some pretty raw stuff here.

Unlimited Money

Go to the "Broken Hills". Walk to the right until you reach the screen where the miners are waiting for you to clear the mine. Walk into the mine and then run straight to the right. Do not t worry about the rocks that seem to block your path, they are there just to make you think it is the end of the road. If you walk close to them, you can see that you can walk past the rocks. There is a man in there who is not aware of the year. Wake him up, and when he has ran out of the mine, walk up to the footlocker and get the ore out of it. Walk out of the mine and back to the first screen. At the bottom of the screen just below the traders lies the "Broken Hills Ore Refinery". Walk into the refinery and talk to the head ghoul (he is in the office). Sell the ore to him, and then sleep for 25 hours. After waking up, talk to the ghoul again to get your ore back. He will ask if he can buy the ore because the city needs it and will offer you your $1000 plus an extra 500. Take the $500 extra and then talk to the ghoul again. If done correctly, he will make the offer again. Take the money and then talk to him again for another offer. Repeat this to get as much money as needed. Make sure never to give it to him for free or settle for the $1000. If you do, the offer will not appear again. Note: This trick may not work if the game has been patched.

Easy Skill Points and Levels

Gain a level and wait for the screen with the perks to appear. Highlight the perk and click "Done" on the perk screen. However, click "Cancel" on the main screen. Click back to the character screen and the perk screen will appear again. Repeat these step to gain unlimited levels and 99 skill points.

Stimpacks and Antidote

Give Mayron as many ingredients for the stimpacks and antidote as needed, and he will create them.

Free Items

After getting a lot of money, I recommend using the Broken Hills money cheat, then go to San Francisco. There you can find a 2 "stores" and a doctor that sells stimpacks and other various healing Items. What you do is just barter with the dealers and pick the items from the dealer's inventory that you want and pay with money. If you pay with money, then you can steal it back from them. Your steal skill doesn't have to be very high either. around 45 or so.

Gamble over barter

Don't bother with the barter skill. If you have a gamble skill of 110-115 and go to New Reno and gamble you will win more than you lose. Place some thing on the 5 key, turn off the screen and sound, go some where else for 30-min and you won't have to worry about money.

Better use of skillpoints

In fallout all skills are derived from stats. If you change a stat all skills that use that stat are changed to. If you want to increase a skill more than 101 it costs more than 1 point for +1 in skill.

Here is the nice thing about this, and ill use SCIENCE as example.

If you have 8 Intelligense and have increased Sciense to 101, then 102 vould cost 2 skillpoints to get. If you take a mentat(be carefull not to gett addicted) your Inteligense will raise to 10 for a while. After a few hours (use the pip-boy) you will go into withdrawl where your Int goes down by 3 ending on 7, this will lower your Science skill by a few points. Now you can increase the skill for a lower cost of skillpoints.

This works for all skills but Gamble, there are no drugs for Luck.

So save all the mentats/jet/buffout/psycho you come across, the can save you skillpoints.

Get Goris

Go to Vault 13 you Unlocked. if this is your firt time to visit, Talk to the Deathclaw you first encounter, ask him to go further to solve their problem, take the Elevator to the 3rd level. if you head South-west, you will notice a strange person wearing a Ropes, Talk to him, first ask him about the things around here, then tell him about your Story, you can ask him next to Travel with you. now you have a Deathclaw fighting on your side.

Note: Don't solve the Vault 13 quest about the voice module, because he will leave you.

Unlock Vault 13

You need 60% of Science or higher

Head to Vault 15 South-east near NCR, and Talk to the women who's lost her daughter, and accept her quest and go north, make sure the girl leaves the place where she blocks a entering way to the north.
Talk to the guard in front of the house, en talk him out to let the girl go, or kill him.(It doesn't matter what)
once the girl is free talk to her mother and go next to the house north from the tent, ask the man for the key and return to the guard Die/Alive, you notice a door left from the guard, simply, use the key to Unlock the door to use the elevator and get rid of all the guards out there, go next to another elevator on the 3th Level, and kill all the guards out there again.
if you head to the west you see a computer, use that thing, and Vault 13 will be able on the Map.

Fallout 2 Screensaver

Go to Pip-boy and wait on the point where you can heal yourself, if you wait 2 minutes without touching your mouse, a screensaver with moving torpedos on the screen will appear.

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