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List of PC games letter I
Game title Category
I of the Dragon PC
I Was An Atomic Mutant PC
Ian Botham's International Cricket '96 PC
Ibid PC
Ibix the Viking PC
Icarus: Sanctuary Of The Gods PC
Ice And Fire PC
Icewind Dale PC
Icewind Dale 2 PC
Icewind Dale: Heart Of Winter PC
Icy Tower PC
Ignition PC
IK+: Chop 'n' Drop PC
Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile PC
Impact PC
Imperialism PC
Imperialism II Age of Exploration PC
Imperium Galactica PC
Imperium Galactica II PC
Impossible Creatures PC
Impossible Machine 2025 PC
In Cold Blood PC
In Extremis PC
Inca: The Mayan Adventure PC
Incoming PC

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