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Category : PC
Rating : 5.0
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Cheat Codes

To activate a cheat, hold [Shift] and enter its corresponding code.
Cheat Code
All items HAVEALL
Disable shadows FLATBROKE
Disable textures WIREWEWAITING
One shot kills SUPERDAISY
Enable Gouraud Shading GOURAUD
Invincibility SOLIDASAROCK
Point graphics WHATSTHEPOINT
Unlimited lives INFINITELIVES
Unlimited weapons INFINITEWEAPONS

Cheat Codes - Command Line

To activate a cheat, attach its corresponding switch to the command line parameter.

Effect Code
Disable fog -NOFOG
Disable lens flare -NOLENSFLARE
Disable network support -NONETWORK
Disable MIP Mapping -NOMIPMAP
Disable sky -NOSKY
Disable shadows -NOSHADOWS
Disable Surround Sound -NO3DSOUND
Display frame rate -FRAMERATE
Set resolution -SCREENMODE

Cheat Codes - Shortcut Keys

To activate a cheat, press its corresponding hotkey.

Cheat Key
One Shot Kills [F2]
Invincibility [F3]
Load game [F9]
Mission Skip [F7]
Reset game [F11]
Save game [F8]
Smart bomb [F6]
Toggle frame rate - [F10]
Unlimited lives - [F4]
Unlimited weapons - [F5]

Debug Mode

To activate debug mode, type NUMBERONEDACRESTREET at the main menu.
(Note: Debug mode unlocks bonus stages.)

Can't I have a little privacy?

On mission 2, level 3; you should be piloting a helicopter. While at your base, inspect the 3 buildings. One of them has two porta-potties in back of it. I think it's the one closest to the heli-pad. Blow open one of them with your lasers. Be VERY careful! One of them has a man with his pants down sitting on a toilet reading a newspaper! If you shoot him he flies up in the air about 30 meters!

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