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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Cheats
Category : PC
Rating : 2.5
Votes : 3
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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Game Cheats

Cheat: No Police Chases
(Caution this cheat requires you to edit game files, create a copy of the file before editing)this cheat enables you to race without the hassle of being chased in any event. First go to the game directory and open the "AI" folder. Then open the "AIChaseDefs" configuration. Once open, change all the numbers in these four lines to say 0. Before: pursuitLevel_1_Duration=30 pursuitLevel_2_Duration=30 pursuitLevel_3_Duration=40 pursuitLevel_4_Duration=40 pursuitLevel_5_Duration=45 After: pursuitLevel_1_Duration=0 pursuitLevel_2_Duration=0 pursuitLevel_3_Duration=0 pursuitLevel_4_Duration=0 pursuitLevel_5_Duration=0
Once you have done that the police will only chase you for about 2 seconds.

Cheat: Car Edits

Open up the games files and search for a file named Championship.ini. PLEASE REMEMBER: Doing this may corrupt or ruin your game file or other computer functions, so attempt this AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Open the Championship.ini file and search for the following:


Edit those lines with this:


Doing this will unlock more standard cars for you to drive than would otherwise be immediately available.

Command Line Cheats
Create a shortcut to the nfshs.exe
executable in the drive_letter:...Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2
directory. Add the following command lines to the shortcut to turn on various cheats:

- player car is invisible to opponent
- locked events can be played
- disable confirmation
- disable movie demos
- no music
- no sound
- no reverberation
- no HUD
- disables mipmapping
- disables particle effects
- enable main menu
- cops only use choppers
- screenshots enabled

Game Pays You Money
Note this hack involves editting a game file, so make a back up before proceeding

Use a text editor to open the cars.*
and tracks.*
in the games directory. Proceed to change all numbers to negative values (i.e., -6000 instead of 6000) so when you unlock the car or track then the computer will pay you the price of the track or car. Be sure to save the file as its original extension.

Hack Out Cars and Tracks
NOTE - The following will alter your game files. It is highly suggested that you make a back-up copy of your files before you alter them beyond all recognition.

You can unlock all the cars and tracks by reducing the price of locked cars/tracks to either 0 or a very low value. To do this, simply use notepad to edit the cars.ini file in the following directory:

C:Program FilesEA GamesNeed For Speed Hot Pursuit 2Edit Cars

You can do the same for the Tracks.ini file in the directory

C:Program FilesEA GamesNeed For Speed Hot Pursuit 2Edit Cars racks

When you reload the game you can see the results.

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