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Spider-Man: The Movie
Category : PC
Rating : 5.0
Votes : 1
Comments : 0
Hits : 251

All Regular Levels, FMVs, Gallery

In Specials, enter: ARACHNID

Level Select

In Specials, enter: IMIARMAS

Level Skip

In Specials, enter: ROMITAS

Bonus Training Levels

In Specials, enter: HEADEXPLODY

Infinite Webbing

In Specials, enter: ORGANICWEBBING

All Fighting Controls

In Specials, enter: KOALA

Play as Mary Jane

In Specials, enter: GIRLNEXTDOOR

Play as The Shocker

In Specials, enter: HERMANSCHULTZ

Play as a Scientist

In Specials, enter: SERUM

Play as a Police Officer

In Specials, enter: REALHERO

Play as Captain Stacey

In Specials, enter: CAPTAINSTACEY

Play as Thug Model 1

In Specials, enter: KNUCKLES

Play as Thug Model 2

In Specials, enter: STICKYRICE

Play as Thug Model 3

In Specials, enter: THUGRUS

Matrix-Style Attacks

In Specials, enter: DODGETHIS

Goblin-Style Costume

In Specials, enter: FREAKOUT

Small Spider-Man

In Specials, enter: SPIDERBYTE

Big Head and Feet

In Specials, enter: GOESTOYOURHEAD

Enemies Have Big Heads

In Specials, enter: JOELSPEANUTS

First Person View

In Specials, enter: UNDERTHEMASK

Super Coolant

In Specials, enter: CHILLOUT

Bosses Solution

Here are solutions to the first three bosses:

Shocker: Dodge Shockers shock blasts while shooting impact webs with camers lock. Shocker will spin around in a shockwave tornado. When he stops he is dizzy and can't attack. Put on web gloves and use a combo on him.

Vulture: Use cannonball kicks when vulture isn't facing you or you can be cool and ride on Vulture's shoulders and punch his head. When Vulture lands use powerful combos like uppercut with web gloves.

Scorpion: This is one of the hardest enemies. Immediatly put on advanced web gloves. Avoid Scorpion while landing a few hits. When Scorpion climbs up the walls web-yank him and attack him with tackle a few times.

Play as Green Goblin

Start the game on hard or super hero difficulty and get into the first level. Use the pause menu and quit out to the main shell. Enter the "ARACHNID" cheat in the cheats menu which will open up all levels. Use "Level Warp" to go to the conclusion level. This is only the final cinematic where Norman reveals himself to Spidey and is taken out by the glider. When you play this cinematic you have essentially beaten the game on whatever difficulty you chose at the beginning. Get back to the main menu and enter the "Secret Store". Turn on the Green Goblin. Use "Level Warp" or just start a new game and you will be playing as the Green Goblin. You will be playing at whatever difficulty you chose at step one unless you choose to start a new game and select a new difficulty.

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