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Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
Category : PC
Rating : 5.0
Votes : 1
Comments : 0
Hits : 635

Cheat Codes

Press ENTER to display the two player message box, type one of the following codes, and then press ENTER again to activate the corresponding cheat function. The message "Cheat Code Enabled" will appear to confirm correct code entry.

Effect - Code

Invincibility and one hit kills - whosyourdaddy
Full map - iseedeadpeople
Instant victory - allyourbasearebelongtous
Instant defeat - somebodysetusupthebomb
Continue playing after losing in campaign mode - strengthandhonor
Remove spell cool down - thedudeabides
Disable victory conditions - itvexesme
Gold; 500 is default - keysersoze [number]
Lumber; 500 is default - leafittome [number]
Gold and lumber; 500 is default - greedisgood [number]
Fast construction - warpten
Fast death - iocainepowder
No need for food - pointbreak
Fast research - whoisjohngalt
Research upgrades - sharpandshiny
Disable Tech Tree requirements in campaign - synergy
Set time to morning - riseandshine
Set time to evening - lightsout
Set time of day - daylightsavings [1-24]
Toggle daylight progression - daylightsavings
Unlimited mana - thereisnospoon
Trees disappear - abrakadabra
Your and allies heroes are level ten - ihavethepower
Level select - motherland [race] [level]

Note: Cheats can only be enabled in single player mode and custom maps.

Secret Song

To unlock the song "Power of the Horde" that is played at the end of The Frozen Throne, type "TenthLevelTaurenChieftain" in the chat box just like you would any other code. This code only works in Single Player.

Secret Level

In the third Alliance mission (where the elves are escaping from prison) there is a room with three sheep near the middle of the map. When a unit steps on a panel near a sheep, the sheep will say one of three things. Step on the panels to say "Baw, Ram, Ewe" to open a door above them. The door leads to a bunch of flying sheep and a big question mark. Pick up the question mark as if it were an item to unlock a secret tower level.

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