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Category : Playstation 1
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TV Image of Rayman

Pause the game. Press and hold the R2 button while entering this code:
Circle, Circle, Left, Circle, Circle
To turn the TV image off, enter the same code again.

Full Power-Ups and 99 Lives

While playing, pause the game and hold R1 + R2 + L2. While holding these buttons, press Circle, Right, Square, Left, Circle.

If that doesn't work, pause the game by pressing Start. Press and hold L2. Continue to hold L2, and press and hold R1. Holding both L2 and R1, press and hold L1. Now press and hold R2 while holding the others. Now release them in this order: L1, L2, R2, then R1. Now tap Circle. Press and hold Left, press and hold Circle, press and hold Square, and press and hold Triangle. Release them in this order: Left, Triangle, Square, then Circle.

10 Continues

At the Stop/Continue Screen when the player has 0, 1, or 2 continues. Press Up, Down, Right, Left on the D-pad for 10 continues

Big Rayman

After the Ubi Soft logo appears, press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2. Keep holding these buttons until the animation of the brick wall appears. Continue to hold these buttons and press Start. KEEP HOLDING DOWN EVERYTHING INCLUDING START, then release everything when the screen turns black.


99 Lives

Finished Music

Finished Mountains

Finished Caves

Access to Space Mama

Access to Skops

Finished Image

Freed all Electoons

All cages all abilities at last level

You enter the code as a password. Put this in: 942kv3w9xd then go to okay and press x. Then there you are, only a few levels away from the end!

Level 1 Password

Enter the password !GNSZ36N9X.

Level 2 Password

Enter the password PJFJF!QZ9P.

Level 9 Password

Enter the password FJSJ!C6Z0P.

Level 8 Password

Enter the password FGN8356ZSZ.

Level 7 Password

Enter the password P1N07!6NSZ.

Level 6 Password

Enter the password VPN8P!646Z.

Level 5 Password

Enter the password Z8W0Z5QN0Z.

Level 4 Password

Enter the password Z8H8P36D6P.

Level 3 Password

Enter the password Z?W0Z3QTFP.

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