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WWF Smackdown
Category : Playstation 1
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Other arena areas

Press Circle (Irish Whip) near the entrance of the center area to access other areas in the arena.

Bonus wrestlers in season mode

Complete the indicated number of years in season mode to unlock the corresponding bonus wrestler:

1st year=Ivory
2nd year=Prince Albert
3rd year=Jacqueline
4th year=Viscera
5th year=80 ability points (starting out with a created player
6th year=Mideon
7th year=Gerald Brisco
8th year=Pat Patterson
10th year=90 ability points(see brackets on 5th year0
20th year=100 ability points(see brackets on 5th year)

Finishing move

When your meter has at least one of the dots highlighted, simply press L1 from the position from which your wrestler performs their finisher. For example, to perform Jeff Hardy's Sunton Bomb, knock your opponent down on the ground with at least one of the dots highlighted, climb the turnbuckle, and press L1.

Obtain weapons

During a match, press L1 while facing the ring to obtain a weapon. To change weapons, throw your current weapon out of the ring, then go outside the ring. Get close to the ring and press L1 again to grab another weapon from under the ring. You can repeat this until getting the weapon of your choice.

More weapons

When you are in a Fall Anywhere match you can get more objects by whipping wrestlers into things. For example, in the parking lot, whip someone into the ambulance to get a stretcher. Whip someone into the fire extinguisher box on the wall to get the extinguisher. In the back room after the stage, whip someone into the soda machine to get a soda/beer can out of it.

More created wrestler moves

Simply put your skill to a higher setting to get more moves for a created wrestler. Additionally, edit the "Fighting Style" to "Powerful", then go to "Ability". Increase "Powerful" to level five. Insert all the desired moves, then exit and save. Go to fighting style again. Repeat those steps to set "Technique", "Speedy", and "Rough Neck" to "Powerful". Although this is cumbersome, it is worth the effort to have all the higher level moves when you create a superstar.

Pre-Season bonuses

Successfully complete a Pre-Season. Once WrestleMania is over, Vince McMahon will approach you in the back and tell you that you can continue with the WWF. Once he is through, the Smackdown symbol will appear, and the game will congratulate you. It will then announce that a bonus has been unlocked. These include: Stevie Richards, The Blue Meanie, and Stephanie McMahon in Create-A-Superstar mode, The Rock's new outfit, Stone Cold's new outfit, extra character points, character skills, and a wealth option for your status.

Get season mode bonuses easily

Enter season mode and set all wrestlers to CPU players. Then, skip each match until a season is completed to unlock the bonus (if any) for completing that season.

Crack Opponents Neck cheat

To crack your opponents neck during a wrestling match, quickly enter the following cheat to crack your opponents neck; (before entering this cheat, please note that all up, down, left, or right directions must be done with the joystick). Up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, a, b. If you have entered the cheat correctly, you will hear a voice say, "Snap, crackle, pop!". You will then see your chosen wrestler crack your opponents neck causing blood to pour throughout the ring. You will also automatically win the match.

Get Mr Socko

Select Mankind, then during the match at any time press the taunt button + down and Mankind should pull our Mr Socko.

Double-Team Senton Bomb

Select a Handicap match and set up as 1P and 2P vs. Com. Have a friend be Player2. Select the Hardy boys for players 1 and 2,and any one else for the com. Beat up your opponet badly, until Jeff Hardy has a green dot. Then, slam your opponet face up in the middle of the ring both players 1 and 2 sholdclimb the turnbuckels opposite each other. Have the player controlling Jeff press L1 and the player controling Matt press X at the same time. If done correctly, they preform a double Setoff Bomb and will score an easy victory.

Hardy Boys move

Use the Hardy Boys or Edge/Christian. Throw opponent in turnbuckle. Put one of your guys near opponent in turnbuckle and push L2. Take other Hardy/Edge/Christian and run to teammate and push X when he jumps off.


Do many pre-seasons to unlock more stuff like a new Rock and the ability to skip pre-season. For regular season: When you do 10 years, your created wrestlers start with 90 ability points and 20 years gets you 100.

Table Match

To be able to play the famous "table" match you have to play a season for 50 years with Bubbha Ray without losing or skipping a match.(NOTE:You can skip the matches that Bubbha is not participating in.)

Test Diving elbow with Shane

When you are Shane McMahon in the middle of a match when the opponent is on the mat press L1 while on the top TurnBuckle to do the Test Diving elbow.

Bronco Buster with Shane

When you are Shane McMahon in the middle of a match with the opponent on the lower turnbuckle while running at them press D-pad+X to do the Bronco Buster.

Sky High

If you are D'Lo Brown in the middle of a match press up+O in front of a groggy opponent and you will do Sky High.

Walls of Jericho

In the middle of a match when the opponent is on the match press left+O at the feet and you will do the walls of Jericho.

Pre-Season rewards

1st year=Wealth
2nd year=European+ability
3rd year=Woman's title+ability
4th year=tournament+ability
5th year=Hardcore+ability
6th year=inter-continental+ability
7th year=Tag team+ability
8th year=Title match+ability
10th year=Pre-Season Skip

The ho train

In the middle of a match if you are the Godfather press D-pad and O while running at an opponent (the opponent on the turnbuckles) and you will do the ho train.

Correct a mistake

In season mode, in a battle royal, if you get elliminated (not the last one) just pause the game and end the match. In stead of forfiting you will be able to play the match over from the beginning.

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