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Xena: Warrior Princess
Category : Playstation 1
Rating : 5.0
Votes : 1
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Hits : 319

Enable All Levels

When you get to main menu keep on New Game press: triangle, square, circle, triangle, square, up, up, up.

Full Shield and Attack

On the title screen, press the following: Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Square, and press the up arrow three times. When performed correctly, you will hear a sound effect.

Invincible Xena

At the Main Menu press: UP,UP,UP,CIRCLE,SQUARE,UP,RIGHT,LEFT. You will hear a sound to confirm the code

Items in fish

On level 3 the pirate king, throw the charkaram at the big fish over by fishermans warth to see funny items come out. You'll see anything from a gold coin to a sun bathing mat.

Xena's bicycle kick

While playing the game press: UP, UP TRIANGLE, SQUARE at the same time (jump and kick at the same time). If done correctly Xena should jump with her leg's forward. Then start tapping SQUARE(kick) button. This works well in the harmonic gate level against the giants.

Windmill Punch

Hit punch and the kick button at the same time to do her windmill punch. (keep hitting it to last longer) You can control which way she moves by pressing up down left and right.

Running Sweep

Have Xena run and hit the punch button and she will give a low sweep. (works best on the amazons)
Low Hit
While blocking hit the x button and she will kick people in a very bad place that will disable her enemy. (mainly on men)

Air Kick

While blocking, hit the kick button and Xena will do a spinning air kick that will throw her enemies off of her.


While bloking you can get Xena to do flips and cartweels. When you block hit the directional pad. RIGHT for a right cartwheel, LEFT for a left cartwheel, or DOWN for a backwards flip.

Secret Room

In the level "The Labaryth" just as you are about to go into the room to save Xena's friend take a right. There will be a series of halls. Follow them to the end. There should be some health potion and a torch on the wall. Walk through the wall into a computer lab.

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