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Playstation 3 Portable

After about 14 months of on-again-off-again work I have finally finished a Playstation 3 Portable:. Wanna see more? Check out Engadget.com! Some quick specs:. Original 60 gig PS3 model with backwards compatibility. 17″ HDTV 720p screen, ...

Analysts: PlayStation 3 profitable by August, smaller chips likely

Sony is gunning for PS3 profitability this fiscal year - which, coincidentally, began this month - and it's hoping to get there by reducing the cost of key components, of course. The PS3's Cell CPU has already been shrunk from a big ol' ...

LA Times: PS3 video service 'to embrace open standards,' PSP supported

last week Peter Dille - Senior Vice President for PlayStation Network - more or less promised a service was in the works. So, while the LA Times revelation "Sony to launch online video service for PlayStation 3" isn't much of a shocker, ...

Playstation 3 (PS3) 60GB + 3 games + 2 controllers + HDMI cable + ...

The HDMI cable provided (and purchased seperately from the console) is to allow the PS3 to bring the full depth of color and definition to your television. Beware ! - Old CRT televisions (the thicker tvs) do not have HDMI inputs ! ...

Is the new PlayStation Store better than Microsoft's Marketplace?

There’s no doubt that PlayStation 3 owners have been breathing a little easier of late. A price drop and some excellent software - with a lot more on the horizon, including some great exclusives like Metal Gear Solid, Little Big Planet, ...


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