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Rez HD Game Cheats
Category : Xbox 360
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Rez HD Game Cheats

Unlockable: Score Attack Views

In Beyond Mode, there are four unlockable "views" apart from the standard view that can be unlocked. To do so, you must achieve first place in the amount of areas listed below while playing in Score Attack Mode.

- Four Areas
- Three Areas
First Person
- Five Areas
- Two Areas

Unlockable: Beyond Mode Forms

There are two methods to unlocking forms in Beyond Mode. Both methods are listed below next to the corresponding form. The first description will be how many areas you must have a 100% rating in shoot-downs. The second description will tell you how many hours you have to play. Either
both) are necessary to unlock any form.

2nd Form
- One Area / Five Hours
3rd Form
- Two Areas / Six Hours
4th Form
- Three Areas / Seven Hours
5th Form
- Four Areas / Eight Hours
Final Form
- All Areas / Nine Hours
Morolian Form
- All Areas / Ten Hours

Unlockable: Laser Beam Types

There are six unlockable laser types in the game. To unlock Form Beams 1 through 5, you have to clear stages in Score Attack Mode divisible by five (so, five stages, ten stages, fifteen stages, twenty stages, and so on). To unlock the Morolian Beam, which is the ultimate laser type, you must clear thirty stages.

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